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Grading types

Wood is divided in different grades to help to distinguish the aesthetic distinction among each piece of wood. The key three grades are: Classic, Character and Rustic. Timbers with a large colour variation will have the colour added to its grade. For instance Classic Olive Ash .

Moisture movement is another thing to check when choosing your floor. And with moisture I imply moisture in the air. Oak is a wood that stretches greatly when the air is more moist . and when using an oak floor it ought to have sufficient space to expand (called an expansion gap) if not the wood will be twisting and creating a very ugly and uneven surface. Every wood has moisture movement you just need to know how much . and see to it your expert know what they are doing. And if your climate has a large temperature and moisture difference you might want to pick a wood type that expands barely .

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The finest grade for wood is the classic grade it has the smallest colour deviation , the straightest grains and a minimum amount of knots. Character grade wood has more variety in colour and in texture , a wilder grain and some surface checks. Knots are up to 30mm in diameter and in hardwood. version they are typically filled . Rustic Grade wood has even more articulated . features then Character graded wood and can feature cracks and black knots. All rustic graded features are filled in prior to sealing but usually could use a bit more sanding.


Colour and texture of the wood is not the only thing that influences the look of your floor. Patterns have a great impact on looks and can integrate the shape of the room. The 3 main patterns are: narrow strips, wide planks, and parquet squares. Narrow strips are the most common one to find in wood flooring and as some patterns such as a specific parquet square do not come in all wood type probably this should have been the starting point of your selection.

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When selecting the finish for your floor the very first thing you would have to figure out is how glossy do you want it to be then you need to know how much abuse your floor is going to get and then you need to pick how regularly you are prepared to preserve the finish.

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