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Wood flooring Warrington local experts in wooden flooring from engineered wooden flooring to solid hardwood floor boards we have it and can lay it.

Moisture movement is another thing to assess when selecting your floor. And with moisture I mean moisture in the air. Oak is a wood that stretches greatly when the air is more moist . and when using an oak floor it ought to have adequate space to extend (called an expansion gap) if not the wood will be twisting and creating a very unsightly and uneven surface. Every wood has moisture movement you just need to know how much . and ensure your specialist know what they are doing. And if your climate has a large temperature and moisture variance you might want to pick a wood type that expands less .

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As with any wooden material you want to make sure it is sourced sustainable so taking a look at the label and checking what the label essentially implies is a good practice to get into, not just for flooring. This counts especially when it comes to hardwood as still considerable bits of hardwood are still unlabelled because they are not grown sustainable or even worse they just have some label stuck on it without any meaning.

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Varieties of Flooring

There are so many different types of flooring to pick from, but if we make it a bit less complex then in wooden flooring there is a explicit distinction of solid wood and engineered wood. Solid wood flooring is composed of planks which are simply milled from a single piece of timber. Engineered wooden floors are wood layered floor boards wherein several layers are connected together to form the floor boards. The layers increase stiffness, stability and strength by rotating each layer by 90 degrees. Much like multiplex but then for flooring.

The standard options go from Lacquer, Natural Oil to UV oil. Lacquer is the most sturdy of all finishes and with that also calls for the smallest amount of care even though scratches can still occur . Natural Oil is a tad . less sturdy but has the convenient option that repairs can be made promptly which can fill in most scratches. UV Oil is a bit in between both. Lacquer, even matt once, do leave a clear sign that the wood floor has received a finish. The oils are far greater in concealing their presence as they get soaked up by the wood making it the preferred option if you want it to look like it is not treated.

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