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Wood flooring Rotherham local experts in wooden flooring from engineered wooden flooring to solid hardwood floor boards we have it and can lay it.

You also want to think about to what environment the floor will be exposed. Is it a high traffic area , like that of a work floor , or will it be in subjected to water such as the kitchen or bathroom . Yes there are floors suited for very wet areas you just need to opt for a floor that can deal with it and make sure it is put in by a skilled professional .


When choosing the finish for your floor the very first thing you would have to determine is how glossy do you want it to be after that you need to know just how much traffic your floor is going to get and then you need to pick how frequently you are prepared to care for the finish.

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Moisture movement is another thing to check out when deciding on your floor. And with moisture I imply moisture in the air. Oak is a wood that spreads out greatly when the air is more moist . and when using an oak floor it must have enough space to extend (called an expansion gap) or else the wood will be buckling and producing a very unsightly and uneven surface. Every wood has moisture movement you just need to know how much . and ensure your expert know what they are doing. And if your climate has a large temperature and moisture deviation you might want to pick a wood type that extends much less .


Colour and structure of the wood is not the only thing that influences the look of your floor. Patterns have a great effect on looks and can integrate the shape of the room. The three key patterns are: narrow strips, wide planks, and parquet squares. Narrow strips are the most common one to find in wood flooring and as some patterns such as a specific parquet square do not come in all wood type perhaps this should have been the beginning point of your selection.

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