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Wood flooring Kent local experts in wooden flooring from engineered wooden flooring to solid hardwood floor boards we have it and can lay it.

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As with any wooden product you want to make sure it is sourced sustainable so examining the label and checking what the label actually implies is a good practice to get into, not just for flooring. This counts specifically when it comes to hardwood as still large bits of hardwood are still unlabelled because they are not grown responsible or even worse they just have some label stuck on it without any meaning.

Cleaning wooden floors

In the long term dirt and gravel can seriously ruin your wooden flooring as these minuscule crumbs aim the standard deterioration and can also scratch hardwood flooring. In your normal cleaning routine you do not want to use chemical substances , like ammonia, or even merely water and a mop to clean your wooden floors. When waxing a floor ensure you utilize the right wax for the wood type . Dragging furniture can quickly scratch any floor, so make sure they have felt guards underneath. Hovering is the best way of. clearing away dirt as it can suck it from in between the gaps , just make sure you don't swing an exposed metal extender around the floor. Wooden floors also need protection from direct sun light as this can easily lead to discolouration. Regular upkeep and choosing the right type of wood flooring from the start is the key to manageable care for your new floor.

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Things too look out for

When arranging to place wood flooring the very first thing you want to inspect is the shape of the under surface as a more irregular surface could force you towards specific engineered flooring instead of solid wood flooring. Or if it is really bad you would require some kind of underlay. This would also be a good thing to use if you are living in a flat and want to decrease sound disruption to the neighbours below.

While you check the label it might also be a good thing to ask for the differences in the warranty per wooden floor provider . Warranties usually only cover manufacturing mistakes and then you will notice. there is little to fail with solid flooring. Engineered wood flooring on the other hand is a complex gluing process where manufacturing mistakes can be made by basic factors like lack of pressure during the bonding process or with more affordable floors not pressurized long enough.


When selecting the finish for your floor the very first thing you would have to decide is how shining do you want it to be after that you need to know just how much misuse your floor is going to get and then you need to pick how often you are prepared to take care of the finish.


In surface texture you have lots of alternatives to choose from, such as: Brushed, Hand scraped Distressed, Stained, Smoked, and Carbonised. Some surface type seems to stick to a certain type of wood. For instance scraped is one of the most common types in oak flooring and everything comes down to your liking. When you would fancy a wooden floor to be darker choosing a other surface method but sticking to the same type of wood might be an option to think about.

You also want to think about to what environment the floor will be exposed. Is it a high traffic area , like that of a work floor , or will it be in exposed to water such as the kitchen or bathroom . Yes there are floors suitable for rather wet areas you just need to pick a floor that can deal with it and make sure it is put in by a skilled professional .

Wood Flooring

When it comes to selecting your wooden floor there are quite a few facts to look into on top of which company shall lay the flooring . As the advice of a wood floor installer could be influenced to what floor provides the best margin . So here is a introduction into wooden floors.

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