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Wood Flooring

When it comes to picking your wooden floor there are a lot of aspects to take into account aside from what company ought to install the flooring . As the tips of a wood floor installer could be influenced to what solution brings the best margin . So here is a overview of wooden floors.


When picking the finish for your floor the first thing you would have to decide is how shining do you want it to be then you need to know how much abuse your floor is going to get and after that you need to pick how regularly you are prepared to look after the finish.

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The finest grade for wood is the classic grade it has the smallest colour deviation , the straightest grains and the least number of knots. Character grade wood has more variation in texture and in colour , a wilder grain and some surface checks. Knots are up to 30mm in diameter and in hardwood. version they are typically filled in . Rustic Grade wood has even more pronounce . elements then Character graded wood and can incorporate cracks and black knots. All rustic graded features are filled in prior to sealing but typically could use a bit more sanding.

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As with any wooden product you want to make sure it is sourced responsible and sustainable so taking a look at the label and checking what the label really means is a good routine to get into, not just for flooring. This counts particularly when it comes to hardwood as still considerable bits of hardwood are still unlabelled because they are not grown sustainable or even worse they just have some label stuck on it without any meaning.

Types of Flooring

There are a lot of different types of flooring to pick from, but if we make it a bit simpler then in wooden flooring there is a explicit distinction between solid wood and engineered wood. Solid wood flooring consists of planks that are actually milled from a single piece of timber. Engineered wooden floors are wood layered floor boards in which different layers are bond together to create the floor boards. The layers increase stiffness, stability and strength by changing each layer by 90 degrees. Much like multiplex but then for flooring.

You also want to take into account to what environment the floor will be exposed. Is it a high traffic area , like that of a coffee shop , or will it be in exposed to water such as the bathroom or kitchen . Yes there are floors suitable for very wet areas you just need to opt for a floor that can manage it and make sure it is installed by a expert .

Cleaning wooden Flooring

In the long term gravel and dirt can actually harm your wooden flooring as these minuscule particles aim the normal wear and tear and can also scratch hardwood flooring. In your normal cleaning routine you do not want to use any chemicals , such as ammonia, or even solely water and a mop to wash your wooden floors. When waxing a floor make certain you apply the appropriate wax for the wood form . Dragging furniture can easily scratch any floor, so make certain they have felt protectors underneath. Hovering is the best way of. removing dirt as it can suck it from in between the crevices , just make sure you don't swing an exposed metal extender around the floor. Wooden floors also need protection from direct sun light as this can easily result in discolouration. Regular maintenance and picking the right type of wood flooring from the start is the secret to easy care for your new floor.

Things too look out for

When planning to put in wood flooring the first thing you want to check is the state of the under surface as a more uneven surface could force you to specific engineered flooring rather than solid wood flooring. Or if it is truly crappy you would need to use some type of underlay. This would also be a good thing to use if you are living in a flat and want to lower noise disruption to the neighbours below.

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